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Skin care with an attitude

Derma is not only about avoiding potentially harmful substances in skin care. Derma is also a brand with a higher purpose: Our aim is to also eliminate unnecessary chemicals in the environment that surrounds us.

Why? Because one in four people will develop an allergy in some point in their life.

At Derma, we are making an effort to change this. By creating a range of skin care products with no perfumes, no parabens and no dyes.

Of course, this does not make Derma products less effective. The challenge is to develop personal skin care products that are still “doing their job”. In other words, all the ingredients in Derma products have a function. And the products themselves are enjoyable to use. This is an important part of our philosophy.

Our mission is to always be one step ahead when it comes to research and development of new, reliable and allergy-friendly products - at affordable prices.

Our attitude towards the future involves making conscious choices which will have a long-term effect. Choices involving the body, the next generation and the environment.

In short, Derma is a long-time investment in a healthier life.

Derma - for our future.

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