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Product labelling and certifications - what are they good for?

Pure, natural, organic, eco-friendly and green… Many brands claim that they are environmentally-friendly and healthy for your skin. But are they really? Certifications help you navigate through the jungle of cosmetic labels and promotional statements to find trustworthy products you can count on.

4 independent signs of superior quality

If you want a skin care product that is allergy-friendly, choose a product that carries a label of certification from an independent and reliable organisation.

All products in the Derma range carry the important Danish Asthma and Allergy Association label, the AllergyCertified label and the Nordic Ecolabel. This is your guarantee that the products are gentle, allergy-friendly and free from any substance known to be harmful to your health or to the environment. Furthermore, the Derma Eco Woman and Derma Eco Baby ranges are both certified by Ecocert as organic.

A unique combination of labels

The four labels in one skin care range is quite a unique combination. Organic products are often not allergy-friendly, as many allergenic ingredients come from nature. Using Derma keeps your skin healthy and well cared for - without compromising your health or the environment.

For further information about the four Derma certifications, see the left menu.



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