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Contact allergy is on the rise all over the world. Today, also children, young people and men get skin allergy. And once you are diagnosed with skin allergy, you will never get rid of it. A trend that we want to change!

Therefore, all our Derma products are AllergyCertified. The AllergyCertified logo helps tell consumers that Derma products are kind to the skin and minimise the risk of allergies. 

AllergyCertified is an international allergy label used to certify cosmetic products throughout the world. AllergyCertified's motto is: One world, one label.

AllergyCertified is founded in Denmark. The aim is to certify products all over the world so it is easy for the consumers to buy skin friendly products where ever they live.

Criteria have been defined by a toxicologist who checks all the ingredients and concentrations of each individual product, to ensure that they are as mild and kind to the skin as possible. AllergyCertified takes impurities, stabilizers and preservatives even in all raw materials into account when making the risk assessment. 

AllergyCertified is member of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis and thereby keeps up to date with all the latest research regarding skin allergy, perfume, preservatives and other problematic ingredients. Furthermore, AllergyCertified has an advisory board of three members from Europe and USA who are specialized in specific ingredients and allergy.



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